Caroline Bartliff

Caroline Bartliff

Caroline Bartliff Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Caroline has been a practising Speech and Language Therapist for 18 years working with both adults (individuals aged 18 years and over) and adults with learning difficulties. She has specialised in the field of Parkinson’s and related conditions since 2009.

Caroline has worked in a wide range of settings with people who have had Parkinson’s Disease, dystonia, MSA, PSP, CBD, and other neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, strokes and head injuries.

She is a certified Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) practitioner which is a specialised voice therapy treatment for people with Parkinson’s Disease and has worked for 10 years with adults with learning difficulties alongside our general adult case load. Caroline offer sessions to address difficulties with speech, voice, language or swallowing skills and can give second opinions, assessment reports, advice on range of communication aids, advocacy support and assessments of capacity to consent for a wide range of issues.

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