The Foot And Ankle Complex

2 day course

Aim: To give participants an understanding of the functional and regional anatomy of the ankle complex. Also, to identify the common injuries and problems likely to be encountered in this frequently injured anatomical region. Whilst specifically focused on musculoskeletal problems the principles taught and demonstrated can be applied to all spheres of musculoskeletal practice. The course will further aim to give an understanding of the principles of rehabilitation and treatments for patients with ankle injuries. The course will also clarify and determine the criteria for progressions from the acute/early phase through to the final functional pre-discharge stage of rehabilitation. Whilst specifically focused on orthopaedic problems, the principles taught and demonstrated can be applied to all spheres of musculoskeletal practice, including rheumatology, paediatrics & sports injuries. The workshop will also provide participants with the understanding, knowledge, ability and expertise to apply safe and effective manual therapy and mobilisation techniques to the joints of the Ankle complex. The workshop is predominately practical with sessions devoted to problem solving and treatment/technique practice. Common clinical presentations, as well as the key elements of examination and assessment techniques for the ankle complex, will also be included.

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Price in GBP: £ 275.00

Course Notes

NB: Delegates will be required to participate in the practical sessions to enhance experiential learning. Therefore appropriate sportswear should be worn

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Day One

9.00 Registration, 9.15 Introduction to course, 9.30 “The Ankle revisited”, 11.00 coffee/tea, 11.30 Practical session (continued), 1.00 lunch, 1.45 The principles & practice of rehabilitation for lower limb injuries, 3.15 coffee/tea, 3.30 Practical problem solving session, 4.45 Discussion Session

Day Two

9.15 Manual therapy & treatment techniques for the ankle complex, 11.00 Coffee, 11.30 Manual therapy techniques (contd.), 1.00 Lunch, 1.45 Practical problem solving session, 3.45 Discussion & plenary session, 4.00 Course Ends

Event Detail

08/10/2018 8:00 am
09/10/2018 8:00 am
Room 216