Tendinopathy – Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation of the Painful Tendon

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One day workshop

Course Aims:

The aim of this workshop is to address possible key factors relating to the prevention and management of Tendon Pain.

All aspects of the principles and techniques incorporated in this workshop will be evidenced based.

Highlight the factors which contribute to tendon pain.

Develop a clear understanding of Tendon Pathology and how Load effects tendon.

Practical Assessment of the painful Tendon and methods of identifying Sage of Tendon Pathology.

Criteria to be considered for planning Treatment and Rehabilitation Strategies.

Demonstration of practical of treatment and rehabilitation techniques with particular emphasis on the application of effective exercise techniques.

Debate evidence based outcomes of conservative and minimally invasive surgical interventions.

Course Price
Price in GBP: £ 155.00

Course Notes

Course Outcomes: • Workshop participants will learn the necessary criteria to make the best choices in managing and possibly preventing the problem. • A clear understanding of the criteria required to plan an effective rehabilitation programme. • The ability to assess the painful tendon and degree of pathology including the role of scans, biomechanics, the kinetic chain, special tests, palpation, loading and functional testing. • Increase competence in the application of effective tendon treatment and rehabilitation techniques according to evidence based standards of practice. • Understand the Do’s and the Don’ts of load management of tendon – (in sick or healthy tendons). • Understand why sometimes rehabilitation strategies don’t work and competently consider subsequent treatment options.

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Dr Marie-Elaine Grant  
Day One

09:00 registration, 09:15 start, 16:30 finish

Dip P. Dip Physio. (NUI) PhD, SMISCP, MCSP. hysio (NUI) PhD MCSP SMISCP
Dr Marie-Elaine Grant

Dr Marie-Elaine Grant

Dip P. Dip Physio. (NUI) PhD, SMISCP, MCSP. hysio (NUI) PhD MCSP SMISCP

Event Detail

05/10/2018 8:00 am
05/10/2018 8:00 am
Room 217