Lower Back Pain Solving The Lumbar-Pelvic Complex

One day workshop

Course Aims:

This workshop aims to give a clear understanding of the reasons why back pain occurs in 80% of the population the population, a clear understanding of the biomechanics and pathology underpinning Low Back Pain.

Key factors relating to the prevention of low back pain and the role of core stability in injury prevention will be discussed.

Participants will be given a clear understanding of clinical , functional and dynamic evaluation techniques of the Lumbar – Pelvic complex relative to both athletes and non-athletes.

Demonstration and discussion on the application of evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation approaches including joint and soft tissue manual techniques

Correction of Biomechanics and alignment issues.

Practical guidelines for strengthening while addressing many of the myths associated with ‘core – stability’.

Learning Outcomes:

Workshop participants will:

Improve their knowledge of the Anatomy of the Lumbar – Pelvic Complex

Advance their understanding of the Lumbar-Pelvic functional biomechanics

Develop a clear understanding of the pathlological reasons associated with the painful and dysfunctional Lumber-Pelvic unit.

Deepen their understanding the factors associated with mechanical LBP how load, overuse and trauma can contribute to the problem.

Advance their skills in assessment including the role of scans, neurological assessment, special tests, movement patterns, biomechanics, palpation, the kinetic chain, loading and functional tests and evaluating core stability

Increase their understanding of the necessary criteria to make the best choices in treating, rehabilitating, managing and preventing the problem.

Increase competence in the application of the effective core stability programme understanding based on evidence strategies and expected outcomes.

Course Price
Price in GBP: £ 155.00

Course Notes

Throughout the one day workshop questions and discussion are encouraged, delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in the practical sessions. Course Aims:

Event Detail

08/03/2019 8:00 am
08/03/2019 8:00 am
Room 216