How To Make Your Manual Skills Really Count On The Effective Use Of Manual Techniques For Management Of Thoracic Dysfunction

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Course Outline:

Afternoon lecture and demonstration workshop

Course Aims

This seminar will give the participants the opportunity to review assessment and treatment of thoracic spine and rib pain. Based on the best of current evidence participants will reflect on how to develop an effective rehabilitation programme for thoracic spine and rib pain.

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Course Notes

3-hour afternoon seminar and workshop with interactive sessions This seminar will enable participants to understand the basis of thoracic pathologies and plan a management plan.

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Ms Alison Middleditch  
One Day Workshop

3-hour afternoon seminar and workshop - COMMENCES 2PM – 5PM 2:00 Introduction to the workshop A review of normal biomechanics of the thoracic spine and the mechanics of thoracic spine and rib dysfunction. 3:30 REFRESHMENT BREAK Assessing thoracic spine and rib pain and devising a treatment programme to restore function. Exercise and rehabilitation for the thoracic spine and ribs. 5:00 pm Departure

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19/09/2018 9:00 am
19/09/2018 9:00 am
Education Centre, Lecture Theatre