Problem Solving the Shoulder - 2 day course

Tutor: Anju Jaggi BSc (Hons) MSCP

"Very enthusiastic – made me feel more passionate & confident about the shoulder.  Very clear and interesting and kept me engaged throughout”.  "Hugely enthusiastic, inspirational – very encouraging and made things v easy - valuable 2 days". “Clear presentation – highly interactive – excellent use of case studies + fielding/reasoning of questions”

Mulligan Concept - 2 day course

Tutor: Mr Robin Blake MSCP DipTP 

International Maitland Teacher, Accredited Mulligan Teacher 

“Techniques involving experimentation, not needing to remember specific detailed handling, good instantaneous results quickly.  Also encouraged to do in practical positions”.  “Excellent delivery & content, very knowledgeable and explained everything logically”

Hip & Groin - 2 day course

Tutor: Prof Graham N Smith GradDipPhys FCSP DipTP CertEd

“Great manner, very approachable - fantastic teaching style”.  Now have more and a better understanding of the hip & groin with new assessment techniques” 

Specific Soft Tissue Mobilisations (SSTM) - 1 day course

Tutor: Mr Glenn Hunter MSc MCSP SRP Cert EDFE

“Excellent knowledge of a range of subjects”.  “Increased manual therapy repertoire.  Aim to move toward more functional positions when treating move away from the plinth” “A lot of info to absorb”                                         

The Shoulder: Steps to Successful Management - 1 day course

Tutor Jo Gibson MSCP MSc

“I had high expectations for the course and hearing Jo lecture. I was not disappointed at all!”.  “Excellent presentation skills, content and practical application – really excellent” 

The Sacroiliac Joint Simplified - 1 day course

Tutor Alison Middleditch MCSP MMACP

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  It was presented excellently and very interactive”. “Really clear & concise”.  “Approachability of instructor presented in a way I understand”. “Yes – much more clear about approach to SIJ & treatment”

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